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Satteva Wellness Group

A company dedicated to the promotion of healthy living and healing practices in spas, wellness centers and personal spaces.

With a combined 30 years in the industry, we specialize in the United States, Mexico and Latin America.


We provide a full scope of consulting services for Spas and Wellness Centers.


We offer access to internationally recognized skin care brands, artisanal handicrafts and lifestyle products.


We design customized experiences and itineraries to create understanding, connection and joy.

There is now a science of


Satteva Wellness Group, brings together international experts and wellness professionals to provide a comprehensive approach to the business of Well-Being.

To achieve comprehensive well-being Satteva shares

8 Main Concepts

Contemporary life is immersed in a maelstrom of stress; cities are increasingly polluted, sedentary lifestyle captures millions of people and diseases such as depression and anxiety are increasing. Given this scenario, the road to well-being is a priority.

Due to the above, Satteva shares 8 main concepts that, when sown as seeds, work together to guide people in the search for balance and health.

Since ancient times, people have known that water is the source of life and have used the therapeutic qualities of water to cleanse, heal and relax the body. Simple remedies come from the application of wáter in different ways, such as temperature, pressure and content, including minerals and herbal infusions. Hot water stimulates the production of white blood cells that strengthens the immune system and helps eliminate toxins from the body. Advanced water applications, such as homeopathic remedies, intentional and energy infusions, and thalassotherapy are also healing. SPAS (healing through water) can be the door to enter into a true wellness experience.

We are what we eat, so we must choose each of our foods well, and as natural as possible. Nutrition is also received through all our senses, we are nourished by what we see we hear, see and touch. We should always be aware of having positive nutrition, and nutrition for the 5 senses.

Just like a pendulum, the body and mind need to swing between activity and deep rest, to achieve maximum vitality during the day and regeneration at night. It is the only way to recover from everyday stress.

Physical activity is based on breathing and the exchange of oxygen and CO2 (carbon dioxide). The rhythm of our breathing and heart rate allow us to renew physically, mentally and emotionally. Our bodies function naturally with cycles of nature and internal biorhythms, and as we learn to listen to them, move with them and explore them, we will create an internal balance and vitality. Moving is imperative and conscious exercise creates the ability to live each moment in a positive and active way in order to achieve comprehensive well-being.

Nature follows a set of laws that guide how it grows and develops. We are also subject to those natural laws. Observing nature helps us to know our inner nature. There are scientific and evidence-based studies that prove that our health and well-being are reinforced by spending time in nature.

The search for inner peace through meditation helps us observe our mind. Calming the mind and reducing our mental activity will constantly lead us to a full and superior consciousness to connect with ourselves and make us realize our potential as creators in life.

Human beings thrive in community. We cannot live alone and we must find the connection with other living beings to enable us to grow together. Finding the meaning of life ... What am I here for? ... and learning to share it with confidence is the premise of life itself and one of the most inherent health experiences. Living with purpose is one way is to find a connection with other humans through solidarity.

When we are feeling healthy and connected, we can live more joyfully and express ourselves freely. Inspiration flows through us in many forms, and more freely when the body is not experiencing stress or resistance. Creativity is the ability to express through images and concepts what we feel and perceive, without judgment or criticism. The search for the purpose of life is a priority in the work carried out by Satteva, a wellness consultancy that builds a new vision of well-being and health with a holistic and comprehensive approach, adapting to people’s current lifestyle and encouraging new practices.

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